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Asenlix clobenzorex 30 mg

Asenlix clobenzorex 30 mg is a stimulant drug of the amphetamine chemical class used as an appetite suppressant. The drug is legally distributed in Mexico under the trade name Asenlix by Aventis.

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Buy asenlix 30 mg

Anoreigenic, auxiliary in the treatment of exogenous obesity. Treatment associated with diet in patients with obesity and a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 30 kg / m2, who have not responded to the appropriate isolated diet. As for weight reduction, it has only been proven effective in the short term.

How to use

Pill Asenlix 30 mg  reduces your appetite as a result of clobenzorex, so when you take it you would feel less hungry and more energetic. As a consequence of feeling less hungry, you eat less and that causes weight loss after some time. Studies show that while this is effective at increasing energy levels and suppressing the appetite, it also puts users at an increased risk of pulmonary issues and hypertension. This is a serious consideration, especially for dieters with heart problems.


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